Friday, July 22, 2011

 It was a scorcher yesterday...102 degrees
The garden suffers under this kind of heat as do we.
I did my best to give relief of water to my flowers and fill the bird baths
after having moved them into a shady area
Nothing seemed to move much in the garden yesterday
but this morning it is 81 and that must seem like a day at the beach to my wards
For they are out flitting around and dipping in the birdbaths and squabbling over seeds
in the feeders...ah...they have come out to comfort me this morning
Praise God for the garden
And my family of squirrels is up to its old antics ... yes
Oh I didn't tell you about what happened the other day when a worker was in the yard
and a squirrel was jumping from one tree to another..and slipped off of the river birch branch
and landed on the shoulder of the man....yikes...I don't know who was more scared
thankfully no one got hurt....but we had a good  laugh
ah laughter.....
good medicine

Still no Handsome
I think my little furry ward
that I have cared for over 6 years
is gone...but I still open the drapes every morning looking for him
I need to hold onto hope

...maybe some wonderful older lady has taken him in
and he sleeps in comfort on a satin pillow
his meals made fresh by her loving hand
who knows...maybe she needed him more than I
and that is where he is
I like that.


  1. I'm assuming that "Handsome" is a cat. I can't find a reference before this post but I'm sure there is one. My hope is that he returns to your life and your garden.
    My Day Lilies have expired in the dry head here. Yours are beautiful.
    Something to be said for humidity.
    You folks are really getting nasty weather. Hope it cools down soon.
    I would imagine that the squirrel was as surprised as the man was.
    Enjoy your mornings...

  2. Oh my Farmlady...I have written a lot about Handsome...but I put a photo of him here just for you..I guess I should tag photos and posts...
    old dog thing again

  3. Yes, hopefully that is what happened to Handsome, Suz.

    I wanted to thank you for your prayers for Mrs. Rachael Littleface, the poor little dear really needs them. Her facial swelling has gone down a tiny bit (I saw her last night) so I'm hoping the abscess will drain on its own.

  4. YES, this heat has been horrid. The less than 1/8th inch of rain, however, seemed to perk things up a bit. My flowers have been getting daily drinks, the birdbaths filled a couple times a day just to keep them cooler, and tall lovelies, tied up from the wind damage. Woo is me.
    So much to do, so little summer.
    I'm so sad about Handsome, poor boy! Perhaps he really is as you say, in the comfort and care of some dear old lady.

  5. You really with no doubt a very compassionate lady.


  6. I will stick with that story too, Sue. Write about it. Sounds like an interesting adventure.

    The heat has been ruthless. Mark ended up in utgent care last week with "heat exposure" after being in Julie's pool on thurs. You just don't know how much your body can handle.

  7. Oh April! that is scary...good thing someone took notice...oh my
    I did write about that...remember my first story in poetry class with Ruth
    ..the story was called, was a Long time ago
    only I was writing about our other cat..Buster who disappeared when we first moved to our new hoo


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