Thursday, July 14, 2011

oak leaf hydrangea

 One of my favorite shrubs in the garden is the oak leaf hydrangea
I believe it is a native hydrangea
It has dramatic white blooms on it
that tend to turn pink as they age
 and then in the fall the leaves slowly begin turning the most magnificent colors of red
This year I noticed a lot of die back and began my work of pruning away the old dead woody branches
Its leaves are huge and beautiful and quickly let me know if I have neglected them
 This summer my garden has much to forgive me for..
 hopefully I am back on interruptions..only time
 to live in the tend it, and me

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  1. I once had an Oakleaf but has since gone bye-bye. I loved it so will have to just enjoy yours. It's a couple of zones too cold up here.
    Please show me the fall colors come Sept-Oct.
    And YES, they really do taste fresh picked.


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