Saturday, February 12, 2011

Handsome came in

Oh, the life of a feral cat
a hard life
full of injury,hunger,abuse by humans,cold
and no human love or a comfy chair
But I do try to provide this one,Handsome..with 3 squares and a heated house and water bowl
He meows like a broken wringer washing machine..and runs when I open the door
even after all these years of our relationship
In the summer he enjoys the shade I provide and the many opportunities of birdwatching
he is as much a part of My Open Bar of Joy as the lilies
Yesterday I locked Boo (my 9month kitty) I locked him up in the laundry room
and opened the patio door
and who should step inside with one paw and look around...smelling the food I left just inside the door-Handsome
He nervously ate looking around like he was pulling off a heist
I spoke to him from behind the counter...he meowed
then quickly scooted out the door
It was the best he could do
gosh I love that old cat
and..Boo was finally let out of the laundry room

And just a note to say thank you to Everyday Goddess for choosing one of my posts as her post of the week
thus giving me a bright sun to show on my blog
Sometimes I think I write with no one seeing, but it really doesn't change the joy of writing it
for joy is the fuel that I live on..thank you Goddess.. visit her and the other posts of the week at:


  1. Little have I to do with cats, but they seem to love me! Even those Black Cats in city alleyways. I must have that "certain something"--an odor?--grin!

    Thanks for your nice comment on 'Dimensions. Avatar is not my photo.
    That fellow must be at least 90, I'm 'only' age 77!!!

    As to how does playing violin feel? Never thought of that before now. But I can tell you this, a short version: When I play, I realize it is the ONLY activity (yes, even to include 'that' one--grin!) which lifts me totally out of this world, and into another one of the most sublime, the ultimate of noise.

    Thanks for dropping by. I'll 'see' you again.

  2. So wonderful to see that Handsome finally ventured inside! :-)

    I like the new look here too. x

  3. Ha! Steve..I know that isn't your picture..I only made reference to it because of the image of giving thanks...which I think you do...
    yes, God's instrument

  4. I love that your heart patiently tends the broken. I have had many ferrel cats enter my home for the same things as yours, warmth, food, and a gentle voice. The day will come and Handsome will dance around your legs in thanks, as you tend your garden.

  5. I had a Fluffy. He was grey and matted and anything but fluffy. His meow was more of a squeek. According to neighbors, he was abandoned for years before we found him. My husband and I couldn't stand it so we adopted him. He lived to be 17. We got him when he was 12. Your Handsome reminds me so much of Fluffy. I never did get a photo of him this was back before digital cameras. Thanks for taking me back.

  6. ah Kristen..a kindred spirit!
    I have been feeding Handsome for 6 years now..and he still won't let me get near him
    so I quit trying...I have thought of trapping him..but I think it would bring great trauma to his soul
    so we have our system worked out
    he charms me and I obey
    Fluffy was lucky to have found you
    and a warm chair..

  7. Oh, I love these pictures of Handsome taking the risk of domesticity for an instant or two! What a fun game you are playing together. I wonder who will "win".

  8. This is beautiful and so touching. Handsome has an angel, as do all you care for. Your writing is seen by far more than no one! You have such heart and I always look forward to your words.

  9. Why Bee...that is so honey of you..Handsome showed up this evening...after a possum ate his food....a possum...Spring is coming!
    the possum is roaming the garden in the snow!

  10. Loved reading about Handsome's stealth visit to the food bowl. He looks like a tough guy who has had a hard life. Congrats on being featured as post of the week.

  11. Goldenbird...nice huh?
    I only wish he'd settle in for good
    still won't let me get near him
    but he has given me the cat's happy eyes...progress

  12. Suz, I mentioned B4 that I sort of stay aloof , but that's just the way I am, being raised on farm with two dozen cats (and lots other critters)

    I rescued Burt from under a pile of wood on a cold, rainy day (the only one in Naples that year-grin! TRUTH!)
    13 years ago. And always I pretended to ignore him, and so I became his favorite 'go-to'.

    And everywhere since then, cats come right to me, as if they all decided "He's OK, Peeps!"

    You might consider to ignore, except for the basics; food, water, nice bed, and a private toilet. HEY, THAT'S MORE THAN I HAVE!!!

  13. Dear Suz, Handsome indeed...oh, how I should love to steal him!!
    Your posting so wonderfully captures the fickle and free natures of feral cats. So independent and choosing when they will interact...but how lovely when they do!!

  14. I love that you are so compassionate with animals, flowers, and all. My computer has been down since I posted about Neils surgery. Good to be back and read some blogs. It will be a long haul for grandson but he was up the day after surgery. Touch and go. Thank you for your comforting comment.

  15. Oh Sue! Look at him looking at you. And look how he trusted you. I am so happy you got this visit with your camera. Hopefully, it will happen again. Although, it's almost spring. Oh Handsome! What an exciting post!!

  16. I am finally visiting your garden blog, I just love it, what a talented writer you are. It is 10:30pm and just reading this makes me want to go out to play in my garden! Thank you...Connie


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