Thursday, February 24, 2011

looking for beauty

Not much beauty in the garden
this morning
plants still asleep
Little bits of lily green
dared to stick their heads up
nipped by snow and cold
they ceased their enthusiasm

But I tarried onward looking
and I ceased my search
for before me a still life laid
on the flagstone path
Between the spaces
white sleety ice balls catching
and holding scattered black sunflower seeds
a dash of fallen red catkins
making it complete
a feeling of zen in the garden
on this winter day
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  1. Finding beauty in ever season and the tranquility is the beauty itself. Lovely

  2. Well done. Applauds.

    I can't find the blond wig and my daughter thinks it is storage so I may end up with a Santa Claus hat on my head. I did get my hair cut this morning. I plan on taking a bath on Monday night.

  3. Ha ha Honest will be hard to live with after this one!
    But we will.....'cause you're that good

  4. Oh, that is very zen garden! Lovely to read about your search for beauty in a cold winter garden.


  5. There is so much beauty in the blue river of grout...meandering here and there.

  6. So much in your photo that could easily be overlooked. It's a beautiful piece of Nature's art.

  7. Hi Suz,
    It won't be much longer before Spring is here in all it's glory!
    We just received another 3-4 inches of snow here in Kansas, so I understand the yearning!

    Warmly, Nancy


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