Thursday, February 17, 2011

Every garden needs a patio,
or two,
a place to sit,
and sit and sit.
A pleasure given to us.
At the start of my day,
after my walk through the garden
looking for joy,
I sit here in the front of the house
and watch the sun rise,
listen to the birds sing their morning songs
of territory or love.
Sometimes a neighbor will pass by,
"Nice morning" they say.
And it is, if you sit a while,
and sit some more,
taking it all in
...this day of your life


  1. Dear Suz, Such a delightful posting! A sunny terrace is indeed a joy and if it provides somewhere to sit and eat then so much more the better. Your table and chairs positively beckon one to sit down and relax.

    And, what a beautiful poem. A slow tempo reflective of the mood you are creating in your 'sunny spot'. Oh yes, I could easily pass away the hours there.

  2. you are welcomed anytime
    Bring J
    hmmm.. Is "J" for joy?
    thank you my dear blogger friend
    who always brings me joy
    with her attitude and knowledge
    thank you for the kind words

  3. A patio is on my wish list!!
    Have a happy day, Suz x

  4. Every garden needs a gnome... even if it's just a tiny one peeking out from under the bushes at you... *giggles*


  5. You have taken me to a warmer place with your inviting place of peace. Perhaps this weekend, while the breeze is still warm, my weathered bench will have to find its place back on the deck, if only to listen to the birds as they welcome spring.

  6. I was thinking along those lines when I took Henri out on the deck yesterday. Can't wait to sit out there with my morning coffee.

  7. Just catching up!
    Good to see Handsome dropping in for a visit.
    I think our birds sometimes enjoy the heated bird bath as a hot tub as much as a watering hole.
    Love your joyful, poetic reflections on a cold, winter season!
    Yea, squirrels rock!


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