Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You have been a blessing to me,
your scarlet feathers against white.
I have watched you from the window
clutching a branch until the blizzard's wind
swept you away for the night to I don't know where.
But, you faithfully return knowing that I will put out seed,
and not knowing, it is my survival at hand, too
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  1. Loving sentiment for the birds in our lives. Sometimes, I think that getting through our tough winters is all because of our feathered and faithful friends. I will stand at the window, watching them 'carry on.'
    Time for me to do the same.

  2. Hi Dar...I think we both are going to make it through this long winter

  3. I think his twin brother is sitting under my oak tree.

  4. I love cardinals. We don't have them here. But when I get to NYS each Spring, they and the robins are there to greet me. Watching birds gives me so many smiles!

  5. Wonderful sentiment. I can't get enough of red cardinals, probably because we don't have them here. I even bought a fused glass night light made to look like a bare winter tree with a cardinal on the branch. There is something so special about them.

  6. ah you are right about that Goldenbird
    Blue Jays..come in second
    and goldfinches,with their funny quarrelsome chatty ways 3rd

  7. We don't have these beauties in my neck of the woods. I collect "faux" cardinals. Love the color:)


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