Sunday, February 13, 2011

footprints in the snow

I peered out from the bedroom window
amazed at the footprints in the snow
so many visitors to my Open Bar of Joy
I have been busying myself with garden books
and old garden magazines, dreaming
of what will come
and making plans to change a few things
...truly the garden is telling me to change a few things
"we don't like it here, there's now too much shade"
Oh I love this stirring of spring, and dare I say summer
inside of me
hope on the horizon of my being
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  1. No spring fever yet - remember you have valentines to do!

  2. Just kidding...but if you do them, I will distribute. Mailing your package out tomorrow.

  3. I love nature and flowers and most animals to but your verse made me cry. An emotional time for me at the moment. Grandson is going home today but he has a very long row to hoe.


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