Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have had a love affair with rocks for as long as I can remember.
When I was a kid I gathered them all the time while
on my daily journeys and while on picnics with my parents.
How ununderstanding my parents were about hauling them home.
Once the bottom drawer of my dresser gave way under the weight of my precious rocks.
Nothing has changed. I still love and collect rocks.
The garden is full of them.
They create habitat for my wards of the lower realm...bugs
bugs bring birds and toads
it magic I tell you
all so connected this garden


  1. I am another lover of rocks ...big or small. I have new ones from my recent holiday. I often have a few small ones in my pocket to handle every now and then. They are precious reminders of when I gathered them ...on a beach with gulls free-riding in the wind maybe or from a rivers edge where water splashes down over large rocks.
    I can live the joy of those moments again and again.

  2. Marilyn, I am glad that you have your forest and that you have brought a bit of back with you for this garden and for your pockets
    Carrying joy

  3. Suz, I'm afraid this will come out of nowhere, but I recently discovered your lovely work and then was nominated for a "Stylish Blogger" award (meme), and the two came together... I've linked to your "Sometimes it's hard to let go" post in my latest - I just loved it. That may be the same as nominating you as next in the meme... If you care to participate, just mention some facts about yourself and link to 10 other blogs. If not, know that I very much appreciate the joy you share.

  4. I am like you and like my rocks. I got some big rocks around. Went to creeks, years ago when I could still bend over and picked them up.

  5. I like rocks and pick up any one that takes my fancy, but no bugs. They make me feel squirmy.

  6. Honest Abe...I just loved the view of your garden...we could be good neighbors. Yes, it is harder bending over picking up the good ones...but I still try

    Lucy...Oh I have been fascinated by bugs since I was a kid...snakes and frogs and turtles too
    And dear Stacy...thank you


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