Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The wind speaks to me
through bells,chimes and gongs
that the trees in the garden hold up
with their outstretched serving arms
On a cold and windy day
the dissonance
of the wind moving through
the bare branches
is felt not heard
and all I can do is move the hair in my face
behind my ears
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  1. Dear Suz, Wind chimes always make such a haunting melody, creating a quite magical atmosphere in the garden.
    I love the personification of the trees in your poem. I too felt the wind in my hair!

  2. Hi Edith...I love summer wind the best
    I think of things hanging in my trees as adornments for tress wearing jewelry

  3. You have some beautiful wind chimes.
    I also love mine which are made locally and guaranteed to last a 100 plus years. Funny warranty but he stands behind it 100%.
    They are tuned to the sound of "c"

  4. Love your poem, Suz. The last few lines made me smile.

  5. his address so I may send for some ?


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