Friday, November 12, 2010

the invaders can stay

Deadly nightshade berries
deadly invaders of the garden
But the birds love them
so I leave a few
and the rest just push their way in
Actually, as I think about them now,
I have a fondness from childhood concerning these vines
I loved when they bloomed in our yard
not a garden you see,but a small lawn filled space behind our house..
.. so any flower was a joy for me
Their flowers looked like little yellow bananas with purple hats
Maybe that is the reason I look the other way
when I'm weeding.
.....they once brightened this little girl's heart
a long long time ago
.....and my birds love them too
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  1. I too remember those little yellow bananas with the purple hats. They were always there in the old neighborhoods. I don't remember seeing their berries though. Love that memory - thanks.

  2. I don't know those flowers. They sound so sweet and oh wow those bright red berries.

    Beautiful photos.

    Happy Saturday to you.

  3. My garden is left untidy over winter, a haven for all sorts of creatures, a safe place to shelter and survive.

    Berries in hedges are always left for the birds, I just hope they leave me a few holly berries for my Christmas wreath.


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