Thursday, November 4, 2010

Robins robins everywhere
taking drinks,having to share
Happy that you stopped by me
...quenching your thirst
for your long journey


  1. I love you last three posts. The birds are really out in numbers these days. Enjoy...

  2. rocky? is that you...of course you would love my last rascal...birdlover

  3. How wonderful..robins..quite differnt from English robins and from our little Black Robins in NZ.So autumn in your garden and so spring in ours ..I've never been so aware that Mother earth has all seasons at all times. Lovely Suz.

  4. Why Joan..that is quite a thought to ponder....very good!
    mother nature as all the seasons at all times

  5. So lovely that these gorgeous wee birds can have a stop over at your place on their way to warmer climes. Like Joan I am enjoying seeing the global swings and roundabouts of the seasons.

  6. Nice of you to provide a rest stop for our feathered friends on their journey. Haven't seen any robins around here lately, just lots and lots of little chickadees. The hawks are starting to arrive, too.

    That reminds me ... I want to get a bird bath, too.

  7. how wonderful. you do have a lot of robins. I must take better care of my birdbath next year!


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