Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rare blooms

My my my
look at the last bloom of the baseball plant
hidden under the cottoneasters
In the back garden I also have had a few rare blooms
of the football plant and the bottle rocket bush
and why just yesterday I discovered
a Frisbee hidden under some fallen leaves...what a find
It's a good thing I'm not Mr McGregor
I just threw them all back over the fence little squirrel friend ,who lives in my River Birch tree,
well, I spotted him hiding nuts all over their yard
and I saw..but won't swear to,to the fact that I saw him
gnawing on their wooden playhouse.....and stealing their pirate flag
and dragging it into his leafy,nesty abode (hee hee)
ah revenge is sweet
or is that
revenge is mine saith the Lord
nah... that's vengeance
and I have none of that
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