Friday, November 12, 2010

Sidewalk art

the beauty
...sidewalk art
It fell from the tree
after the workers had gone
His tree mates raked and bagged
...but this one got away to declare
he once belonged to the mighty maple
standing next to the spreading mighty oak
but in their season even mother trees must
let go


  1. Dear Suz, What a charming 'concrete poem' to celebrate the glory of autumn leaves. In the land of the Maple Tree this must truly be the most wonderful of seasons. And, just a touch of sadness in your poem which well fits the hint of a bitter winter yet to come.

    Thank you so much for becoming a 'Follower' of my weblog. I am so pleased that our paths have crossed.

  2. Dear Edith, the garden, for me, is still a bit of Eden left
    There I find peace and beauty and joy
    You'll find no Latin Names in my garden...only a deep love for all that grows....and wishes to share my bounty...even the tiny field mouse brings me a moment of joy...
    thank you so kindly for visiting me
    as I shall be joyful walking among your words in your postings

  3. "Sidewalk art" - I like that!

    (I've taken loads of pictures of such sidewalk art)

    Nice one, Suz!

  4. I really liked thios one and you have had some wonderful one, but I think the simplicity is wonderful.

  5. I think you need to press this leaf to put with your beautiful poem and frame it. A beautiful thought and comparison.


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