Friday, November 19, 2010

this morning

Oh dear...he's put down his suitcase...that old man winter
I see the signs
So cold this morning I had to put on a coat and scarf
just to walk in my own garden
and there it was...
holding up some fallen leaves...


  1. ice. cold. very cold!
    i keep wearing my cropped pants/
    ok...really must put them away
    and wear warmer clothes.
    it is long pants, wool sweater,
    coat, hat & scarf weather.

    have a cozy weekend.

  2. When will I be glad for winter?

  3. Beautiful little (not-so-nice) comment to accompany your photo. Love the way you put it, Sue. And the surprise ending! You need to make a little book with all these wonderful thoughts and musings.


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