Friday, November 5, 2010


I have a few more things to put away for the coming winter
but the garden is just about put to rest
And on my walk this morning looking for joy, I stopped
before one of my favorite places of meditation,
the birdbath
A simple circle of water that calls to me
What would the garden be without them
The Robins fled to the high branches annoyed, I'm sure,
at their interrupted baths...really how many baths do Robins need?
But I was fascinated with the fallen leaves in the water
parts of them just below the surface
Oh just below the surface
This spoke to me as I have so many things so like this
things floating in my inner circle of life's water
I need not bore you with my stirrings
doesn't matter if anyone knows what they are
I must look at them and find beauty, just as I see
the still water holding a broken part of life's cycle
and it is beautiful
Soon enough the water will freeze and I must help
my dear feathered friends by placing a heater in the water
so they can preen their feathers to stay warm
But today, this morning, I preened my own feathers
in the comforting warmth of joy found



  1. You put a heater in the water? Oh, I love you! It is so wonderful that you care so much about birds.

    Your garden musings inspire me. I want to meander by the creek in the mornings, looking for joy.

  2. What a beautiful words ...'in the comforting warmth of found joy'. We all need to recognise the beauty of things in our own circle of life.
    I love these glimpses into your garden too, so different to ours' in winter and very different to our spring garden now.


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