Sunday, December 18, 2011

 I went inside
and had fun with the sun


  1. It's good to have fun. Love your ward in the post below, as always, your photos show me a magic world.

  2. Love the shadow play. Those shots are fun to play around with...they always remind me of Peter Pan never knowing what his shadow is up to:)

  3. All three of these posts are beautiful, Suz! O I would love some snow here...I'm barely finding time to breathe, let alone post, but I am trying to keep up with my dearest bloggers during this frantic, hectic, chaotic, wonderful, exciting, beautiful time of the year...Flinging Christmas hugs your way!! :D

  4. You certainly did. There is something about sun and shadow in the winter that speak of starkness and clarity in our lives.
    Beautiful photo.


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