Sunday, December 11, 2011

I counted nine squirrels just a few feet from my deck
Must be the pumpkins

Now I ask it fair for my squirrel wards
to pass the word?
I don't think so....
It reminded me of the time we had 4 cats
It wasn't bad until we saw them all lined up at the food bowls
yikes...that's a lot of kitty kat
As is 9 squirrels
but gee they are so cute
and my hubby is still in the hospital
what he doesn't see won't hurt him
.....and I won't tell him that I found the birdfeeder heater
well..........the little guys have to drink
after all that pumpkin
cheer and joy


  1. So very special having these creatures of Nature coming to you for winter care. I would love to see your squirrels.
    Do hope your husband won't be long in hospital.

  2. What a delightful post! So Winter!

  3. Suz,
    Nine squirrels is too many for me. I think they are cute but from a distance. We have had issues with them getting inside my car and chewing my front grill because they couldn't figure how to get out. It could have been worse and been the wiring they chewed.
    I do hope Hubby is ok and will be home soon. After you plug in the birdfeeder heater of course.


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