Thursday, December 29, 2011

The garden waits,
as do I, for winter to move in.
We have been teased by warmer than usual weather
and only a brushing of snow,once
and not on Christmas
I left my tray of goodies out on Christmas Eve for my wards
nuts,fat,greens,bread cubes,seeds,berries
my annual Christmas offering to them
In the morning everything was gone
last night I looked out to see a possum sniffing around the dry grasses
I have not forgiven him for killing my squirrel
But I don't know why it happened...maybe my squirrel was sick or injured
and he just happened upon him..sniffing around one night
It is a good thing to let it be part of the garden
and let it go..let it be...let it happen
hard as this is for me to do..I, who want to control my environment sometimes
to become one with the garden...even now... as we wait for winter
some green still showing


  1. Suz,
    That's some good Christmas goodies you leave out.
    I agree letting it go is hard when we have outdoor pets we love to see and feed, but with nature it all has to blend and sometimes things do happen for a reason.
    We have a beauty of a fox which I just love and would hate to find out that the coyotes found her den.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2012.
    I so look forward to your blog and just wished I had more time to visit. Come on retirement!

  2. Oh Witch...oh no I hope they never find her den....
    I know it is all about balance...but I don't have to like it...and I can cheat
    retirement....why you are just a babe

  3. It's hard to be a human and live with nature. It seems so harsh and predatory, but there is an order and reason that is far beyond what we understand. We can only learn... and help once in a while.

  4. yes, yes I so relate.
    letting go
    alongside of you,

  5. Suz, I can so relate to your post. I do the same thing and have to learn natures lessons of balance. I'm better about it, but I still don't always agree or understand.

  6. Love your Christmas goodies. The outdoor wildlife is at times like a TV soap opera. I have the same things happen at my own place. Nature is cruel sometimes to our little friends. Hope you have a good weekend.


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