Saturday, December 17, 2011

All I could think of this morning
was the line from the movie,Oliver...."More please"
Like hungry orphans my resident wards
showed up early, sitting up and begging on the deck
not 9 of them(thinking of you Witch)...only 3 this time
I threw out a few peanuts and some low carb bread
they scampered quickly to grab what they could and headed to the safety of the branch
As you can see we had a dusting of snow
....a reminder that it begins:


  1. Everybody has gotten hungrier lately with the cooler temps...hummingbird feeders are going is the bird seed:) It has been crazy over here. Getting ready to head back to visit the family....I can't wait to see them all. Hopefully we do get some snow:) Is it in the forecast? That would be wonderful. Hope you are having some fun this weekend. I've got a a house to clean:) Happy Holidays!

  2. My lady boss a lover of nature, flora and fauna, always have something for them. Snow? Isn't it kind of late, hehehe... I remember my first winter last year, i am already shoveling snow at the driveway. Not that i like it but i just wanna get over it. Hahaha... Because maybe late snow means ending late too... Cant wait for spring... I wanna see sprouts, buds and flowers... LoL!..

    Have fun sis!



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