Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It is a dreary day today, gray skies, annoying drizzle
little bird or squirrel activity
and while walking along the muddy garden path
I realized it has really arrived
the time of no color
Humans ,I think,
aren't meant to go through this deprivation
it must have something to do with that darn angel
sent to guard the way in
For surely, this is punishment


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  2. That's when that lovely and oh so colorful garden art comes in hand:) I'll be leaving soon and can't wait to head back to 'Skonsin:) Oh can't wait to have some of that delicious Chex Mix. It's so much better homemade when my mom makes it. Well I'll probably put on about 10 more pounds. I have a house to clean, wrapping to do, suitcases to pack.....it's crazy. And yet what did I do today? Take a walk just like you did to enjoy some of the outdoors. I love vacation and look forward to retirement...15 more years to go! I also need to spellcheck before posting comments:)

  3. you know, we could be real friends...and yes, garden art is important...but really did I need to pick one that is BLACK AND WHITE...dah..sort of looks like the old Gumby..remember him
    Have fun in skonskin with mom and all the other Bear's fans..hee hee


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