Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wonder of wonders

I've left it alone
and it bloomed.

I think there is a lesson here.

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  1. For years I had an cymbidium orchid and babied it so much. It never bloomed. So, I said forget it and totally ignored it for a year and ohmy! It bloomed is full force.

    Plants can be like computers...fussy.

    Your orchid is beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. YOu did! How did we ever raise kids?

  3. I've never been successful in coaxing an orchid to bloom. Yours is gorgeous. I have heard other stories about people putting their orchids on the side of the house or some place like that and totally forgetting about it and having it bloom. I wonder why that is. Maybe they exist in part to teach us something important.

    Sorry I haven't been to this blog very often lately. I so enjoy it but I'm having trouble finding the time to visit all of the blogs I like.

  4. Yes, I think that there is a lesson there too! ;-)

  5. Goldenbird, I know what you many wonderful friends out there in blog land....So many souls to rendezvous with..don't worry..I'll still be here
    Susannah...why do I want to water it now!!!!!!

  6. Orchids seem to share a funny "trait" (I guess would be the word). When babied, they often produce lush greenery. When they think they're being deprived of something (water especially), they often start the reproductive cycle. Blooms, seed, new offspring before they die. That old biological demand. After this harsh winter, even in Florida, almost all my orchids are in bud now. They were shocked, no doubt!

  7. facts....thanks
    that all makes sense


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