Saturday, February 6, 2010

My friend, Ned, took this photo
Doesn't it just make you ache for summer?
Part of the enjoyment of my open bar of joy
are the insects
Sometimes, I can stop what I'm doing and get lost
in watching them
That dreamy kind of lost
called contentment
Today I must
be content
looking out the window at the pretty
new fallen snow in the garden
and the winter blue sky
...It's enough

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  1. Mmmm, it will soon be here and Winter will seem like just a memory.

    I suppose that is the beauty of the cycle of the seasons, each has its own treasures and each holds the seed of another.

    Looking at the photo, I can feel the warmth of the Sun and hear the lazy buzzing of insects - Ah, thank you.

  2. Oh truly does have treasure...each season...
    but the dreariness in the sky this year...
    Isn't that hummingbird moth the cutest! I love when they fly around can't not watch them....soon

  3. Lovely picture with such lovely colors.

    It is still snow time but spring will be here before you know it!

    Enjoy the snow and stay cozy with you kitties and a warm fire and blanket.


  4. Oh! A "hummingbird moth". Sphinx Moth. I first saw one years ago at The Center and then they used to visit my Butterfly bushes. Amazing little critters!

  5. Hi Dogwood...I's supposed to snow 9-12 inches tonight
    Hi April...isn't that the cutest picture of a prancing pony


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