Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The first time I cast some morning glory seeds in the
I knew heaven that summer as they climbed up our gas meter and up onto our roof
around our chimney
blazzingly declaring the morning!
I have lived in 3 different house since then and haven't been able to repeat that experience
Maybe it was the discovery
maybe it was that I was 25
maybe it was the right seeds,soil and light
and the fact that I had no expectations

Every time after that I expected Joy
Oh, they bloomed if I remembered to plant the seeds in time
but never like that....I guess we can never go back...only forward
.can't even remember to plant the seeds

Well, this year, I will remember
 I'm ready....trellis is ready....

I need Heavenly Blue Morning glories
 just outside my kitchen window
always have


  1. Oh, that Heavenly Blue! My absolute favorite morning glory. I've tried to plant them a dozen times, but I think the birds or, maybe, squirrels eat them and deposit them elsewhere. "My" morning glories have shown up all over the neighborhood, but none at my house. I am all admiration for yours and what a wonderfully "elevating" story!

  2. "I guess we can never go back...only forward"

    - How true! Like revisiting a place that had magic for us . . . once upon a time.

    Sometimes it is better to keep the memories bright and precious and move on to some new, unknown and unexpected joy.

    Such a beautiful Blue! - I hope you get an abundance of Morning glories outside your kitchen window this year.

  3. Me too Susannah!
    Lesa....try again..maybe this is your year
    who knows?
    You cannot describe the beauty of that has to be enJOYed in person

  4. One of my favorite absolute favorite flowers. In one yard we had that growing over a fence and oh my it was something out of this world. People stopped by to look at it. Lots of fun and met lots of great gardners.

  5. oh me too! I always always plant them. remind me of my dear aunt Mary Ellen who died much too young.

  6. I knew you would love them Bethany!
    Dogwood...over the fence....if only once in my life I could have them growing over a fence


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