Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Take Joy

My open bar of joy is looking pretty open today.
Looking out the window I got excited enough by the winter beauty that I went outside and walked through the deep was like walking through butter...smooth and soft
Today is a season day....what's right about winter
oh the blue sky against the white snow and dark bare branches....
makes a painter's heart beat faster
take joy in the day
take joy in what the garden has to offer



  1. Oooh look at those buds on the end of those branches just waiting to spring to life.

    Yes take joy! :-)

  2. the photo. i think i can see leaf bud on the trees outside our living room window in San Francisco! oh, my...not long now. But, wow all that snow on the East Coast.

  3. Yes! Take Joy! That's what Tasha Tudor would say - that's the title of one of her books.


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