Friday, February 12, 2010

Crouched on the thin bare branch
a Cardinal waits patiently for human intervention
And I, infused with his beauty, obligingly trudge
through mounds of snow to fill the feeder,
then quietly turn to my red guest and smile
We each have shared something that sustains our lives
on this long, lingering, cold,dull day of winter
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  1. I so identify with this - through all the snow we had a while back, I would make my way through the snow to fill up the feeders and bird table with food.

    Cardinals look such pretty birds (we don't get them here in England)- what a gorgeous colour they are!

    As usual, so beautifully written and well observed - I love the way you write!

  2. I am in agreement with Susannah: I love the way you write!

    We do have cardinals and they are rather vocal about their groceries when I haven't arrived to spread some about. Even in the house I can hear their carrying-on, those bright birds!

  3. Their beauty does sustains us
    and we give them sustenance
    fair trade

    Thanks Susannsh and Lesa...
    I follow you two because I like the way you write honestly

  4. Such dear sentiment. I like how you expressed this. I can feel it when I read it.
    I have a tree outside my second story art room window that seems to attract Cardinals in the winter. They sit perched on a bare branch, as if they are all in agreement as to where to sit. They look like evenly space ornaments adorning the leafless tree. It is a site to see!

  5. they do look like ornaments don't they!
    but that bright scarlet just warms my heart
    against the white snow
    and it is true...we exchange sustenance

  6. What a special time to remember. Beautiful.


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