Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How my garden is looking

thick and wild

hot and weedy

but oh so lovely

my chocolate joe-pye-weed is about to bloom

and the rescued rose
she just keeps blooming
even though she lives among commoners
bless her royal heart

and stafford still watches over the garden
his staff and owl with him


I have always wondered what this says
this stepping stone
maybe it says
bless the wild
I love this crane
bobbing in the wind
making bamboo noise
that carries across the flowers


  1. I love how well
    you know your garden:)
    she is a beauty!

  2. Everything looks beautiful,Sue. And yes, what a gorgeous pink rose.

  3. I absolutely love lush gardens; I can't abide gardens where everything is neat and tidy and in rows and bunches. I'd feel right at home in yours.

  4. I love your garden, Suz, it's so beautiful and lush.

    Blessings, Victoria

  5. That crane is a nice art piece! I'm not one for chocolate....but I like the chocolate growing in your garden. Your place is so green, wild and beautiful.

    1. oh meant the garden :-)

  6. You have a lovely garden. I enjoyed the pictures.


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