Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is a rare sighting
all three of them together
Abigail hogging up Miss Kitty's new bed
and Boo being allowed anywhere near them
...but I think it was the wildlife
that made them forget their differences
the goldfinches and the mouse that ran across the deck
and boldly stopped to look in.......that got them all going nuts
Oh how they wanted outside!
oh common it unites


The sedum is wimpy in color this year
but the fallen Alder cone made me sigh
Chickadees love to pick at them in the winter
and winter is coming
It is chilly this morning in the garden
but the garden is hush- lovely this bright day
I have been neglectful of her
and to my surprise...change has gone on without me

OH this nasty has opened and dropped its millions of seeds
in my flower bed....causing future destruction to my clothing
those nasty burrs stick like sin on an infidel
but it is tooo late to do anything about them

gasping blooms of the turtlehead

Oh the beauty and joy of morning light
across the garden
a moment of communion

and looky here.....a flock blooming in the shade

and my rescued rose.....she's happy here with the goldenrod
no snob is she

oh signs of the season passing.....oh dear
Like a beloved relative that has come to visit
and you settle in and almost get bothered by their presence
until they have to leave and you bawl your eyes out
...for you will miss miss them

oh summer...I am sorry I took you for granted
hated your hot ways this year
your drought, your weeds
I really didn't enjoy you this year, but there were
moments where you did deliver on amazement and wonder
and I mourn your leaving
I promise to enjoy you while you are still here--packing for your trip...leaving me little gifts
tucked here and there
Yes, put on your sweater today
it's chilly...
must be summer shaking out her coat
getting ready to leave


  1. Did you say chilly?:) I like. Such pretty flowers and plants...and nasty plants. I do like Sedum....but it's so light pink in color. Interesting. Enjoy your cool weather.

    1. Oh and one more thing.....when cats get together and call a truce, you have to take the picture for proof:) Glad you did.

  2. The plants and trees and flowers are so inspiring. This poem says it all. Without the photos I still imagine them when I read this poem. Indeed very inspiring. Thanks from pest control company gold coast

  3. You've had some sadness this year, I know. So you need the recuperative power of a lovely garden that much more. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I'm waiting for summer to leave, but then, I will miss the flowers and vegetables. I have had enough of summer and yet... there will be some regret.
    Beautiful photos.

  5. Isn't that just the way
    with seasons end....always
    no matter the inconvenience.
    Thrilled at the nexts, tho
    (I wore a hoodie this morning!)
    and my sedum seemed anemic this
    year, too.
    love to you and your garden,

  6. Your words are sheer poetry, such beautiful descriptions. Oh, and I love the picture of your kitties - they must have heard you telling of the change of season and want to see too.


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