Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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  1. Suz, my sweet friend,
    I have so much, been enjoying your Garden of Joy. Most of mine is now brown with our hard frost. Most important, you are gifted with the fortune of growing 4-O'Clocks just like your Daddy did. May you have many more years of scattering lucky seed.

  2. Love your bee.....glad to see that they are still around. What will you do with the wasp nest once winter comes? Hope everything is going well for you. Have a good start to your Thursday. Chris

    1. I thought I was going to take it off of the window come a hard freeze....supposedly it is safe then...hmmm
      but it is smothered to the will I do it?
      I found a dead baldfaced one in the house! Now how did it get there and who killed

  3. I love bees. They are the sign of a healthy garden and the sound of a productive one. Mine are disappearing with the cooler weather but during the day, in the warm sun, I can hear them. The bumbles stay the longest. I still find them sleeping in the flowers.
    Beautiful photo...

    1. Oh my gosh..I have never met anyone who has mentioned the bees sleeping in the flowers...I love that too..they do tuck themselves in ....I love bees ....
      and toads and frogs......and my little garden mouse..he's a soft brown.....I know, Im nuts

  4. Great shot!! All too soon those easy meals for them will be gone, won't they?

  5. so busy,
    so short the days,
    so relaxed and humming and lazy
    love the paradox.


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