Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I awoke to morning glories pouring out of the planter
and a young cardinal being fed by its mother
just outside my kitchen window
And the day has just begun
Oh I think it is going to be a joyful day
the slant of morning light just right

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  1. These treasures are the perfect start to a day. :D I saw a Summer Tanager first thing this morning and had the very same thoughts---thoughts of joy and light

    1. oh I love tanagers..haven't seen one in years
      goodie for you....!
      and yes...morning light

  2. oh! so beautiful!
    thank you for sharing your morning glory!

  3. Suz, this is a little piece of heaven to see so early in the morning. It reminds me...dare I say it?....and little bit of fall. What a great way to start your day....thanks for sharing your garden. I've never said this but I like your windows a lot...and the views are incredible. Very special garden you have there.

  4. Wonderful photos. I love watching birds feed their young. How sweet it is.
    You have such a beautiful appreciation of life and nature. It's always so nice to come here and enjoy the morning*glory with you.

  5. What a fortune to start your day so bright. I hope you did not have the heat wave we had today...geeeez, horrid humidity too. Did you also get hail? What a funny day that ended with a fire red sunset.

  6. Oh my gosh - how beautiful! Those beautiful birds and love your blue morning glories.


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