Friday, August 31, 2012

I can't post photos from matter what
So I had to do it from my computer...which takes forever
But, here are a few of the garden today
Wild and beautiful.....Truly my being
was uplifted wandering through the garden this morning
I had dreams last night about having to write haiku
a and death task
tisk tisk...what a nightmare
So I chucked everything I had to do and fled to the
my refuge from all the weary weigh you down stuff of life
I took my shoes off and walked over the grass..toes fully engaged
and I stood and watched bees and wasps
Do you see how big that nest is? and woodbine growing all over it
I cannot pull it off of the house...which is my duty this time of year
due to that wasp my house looks like some forgottern castle
hmmm.....I rather like that


  1. a forgotten castle...I like that image. You have some great beauties in there.

  2. Beauty everywhere, from Goldenrod to Hornets Nest to barefoot on the grass. I would not worry about the nest...the Blue Jays will soon find it and destroy it. I once captured an entire nest. Don't ask what I did with it.

  3. I like that look as well. A castle!! Once suited for a Garden Wench and her magic:) Now will the wasps live in this nest during the winter or will you be able to take it down because they will have abandoned it? I don't know much about them and the cold. Have a wonderful labor day weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos, Suz. I hope you're enjoying a happy Labor Day weekend!



  5. Sounds like a storybook; some of the things in your hidden garden. Wow...that is some nest!

  6. "the weary weigh you down stuff of life".....i love that.
    yes, i am grateful we don't have to plop down
    and sit in that stuff!
    choices...i love choices.
    thanks for the sweet inspire,


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