Monday, October 3, 2011

So much to do this week
but I must tend to the garden first
It is quickly coming to an end
and all the ladies in this chorus line are doing their thing
It is almost a wild party in the garden
every flower and plant throwing out its last hurrah
before standing naked in leaves
feet frozen to the ground
waiting for a blanket of white
to cover them 
I heard that we are going to have a repeat of last winter
..better stock up on birdeseed
I told you I have lots to one more thing just added to my list

wild party in garden
flinging leaves and last flowers
I partner in dance


  1. Suz,
    They do look like ladies in a chorus line. I'll always be looking for this now in my flower rows.
    You open my eyes to a whole new dimension everyday.
    And get busy, it sounds as if you do have lots to do.

  2. It certainly IS a busy time~
    For me too~
    Bird seed? My birds will still be fed~
    In spite of the price~
    For they too, must eat!

  3. Enjoy your gardens last dance of the season, enjoy all as your plants kick up their heels before settling down for the winter.

  4. so enjoyed wandering through these
    beautiful spaces you've created
    and wallowing in the joy
    at the bar.
    Drinking it in deeply.
    So great to find you.
    (big props to Relyn!)
    Look forward to getting
    to know you better.
    Grinning and grateful,

  5. Is that sedum? It's really nice looking.


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