Monday, October 10, 2011

My husband looked out of the window and snickered,
Its always the frogs, he said.
Your lineup out there on the deck.
I looked out and saw what he saw.....the fall lineup...a garden stop
yeah, it does look like the frog is guilty....get your hands above your head
Oh much work putting things away, cleaning up....I welcome a good laugh
But you know....that Stafford 


  1. Hey someone's gotta do it. Some routines shouldn't be changed:)

  2. The frog with it's hands in the air looks like he's saying, " Well, SOMEBODY better get out here and put us away for the winter!"
    You know how it's going with the protests on the news. Well...
    Watch out for protesting garden figurines... they might cause trouble.

  3. That is so funny! It's like "the butler did it." Couldn't possbily be the innocent bunny or St. Francis.

  4. Funny morning that you've shared with your husband, because of the frog, it's sounds great right!

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  5. Suz,
    What a line -up, I think it's the sweet innocent bunny. I guess it really is that time of the year to start packing up our garden figurines and things.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the fall line up too!! The shadows look like the gnome is holding up 3 fingers behind the prince...

  7. Your line-up reminds me that I still have a few figurines to ready for the winter, or spring...I prefer. To be honest, the long shadows of short days is welcome. It's been an exhausting year but we trudge onward.
    Love that your dear one noticed.

  8. thanks for the laugh, I found you via Life of a Painter blog, hugs!

  9. Hi Tess...thanks for the visit
    April...don't ask


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