Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 pounds of sunflower seeds
5 pounds of unsalted peanuts
apple bits and strawberry tops
and it is not enough
... that damn squirrel
He has violated my pumpkins
or was it the possum?
Maybe he'll carve two eyes and a scarry mouth
by Halloween
you think?


  1. Oh no... it violated your pumpkin.
    Bad critter, bad.

  2. I didn't know that a squirrel would do that!

  3. Suz,
    My bet is on the possum.
    We have lots of pumpkins and lots of squirrels but no damaged has ever come to my orange beauties.
    I wonder if he/she will be back for another taste.

  4. You sure have a naughty little critter lurking about. Could it be a racoon?

  5. You just need to carve a mouth - and it's a one-eyed monster.

  6. Our racoons destroy everything. they trampled the mistflower last night and the night before I looked out and saw them bouncing on thin branches of the fiddlewood. But the only reason the squirrels don't outdo them in destruction is that they aren't as big. This could well be any of the critters. I'd leave the pumpkin for them since they obviously like it.Get another to keep indoors!

  7. thanks for this, I loved it! Can you imagine if there WAS just the faintest rudiments of a face!! that would be sooooooo great!


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