Friday, October 7, 2011

I have been busy gathering things
to wash and to put away 
until next season of growth
ha...growth..this I have done a lot of this season
It must be the added year that turned a decade for me
Things are in some ways simpler...
I don't worry about this or that anymore
not even in the garden
I have let myself become completely wild
falling in love at every turn of my foot in the garden
Why just this morning I spotted this little cosmos
peeking its head out of the asters
I SEE YOU...I whispered
Oh, it heard me
can't you see its smile?
The geese honked overhead just as I whispered this
to the little flower so brave and true to itself
I looked up and waved
wished them a happy journey
soon I will travel to another place
may I find my voice yet again
maybe even honk a little


  1. It is a magical time. Your Asters are beautiful...mine are very tiny...I have one Cosmo...all summer, only the one, blooming in the midst of Zinnias

  2. Such a pretty picture of your garden. Nice to know others talk to flowers too. : )

  3. It is the gardens last effort before the winter changes everything... and it is a time of watching, and listening, for the voices of nature saying.."See you next year when the cycle begins again and all things become new."
    It's a time of rest and introspection. I love the coming season.


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