Thursday, August 5, 2010

too late...I've already eaten it.

this tomato cost us about.. $25
two plants
one tomato topsy turvy
soil and food

one tomato.........................but it was delish
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  1. love the tomato image,

  2. What a beautiful tomato. I love garden fresh veggies. My Guy and I laugh because it probably costs more to grow veggie in the yard than buying them at the Farmer's Market. But, it is lots of fun.

    Sure wish you could join Stacy and me this weekend. We are crafting tomorrow. Saturday we are going to Truckee to play in my daughter's ceramics studio. Then, on the way back to Grass Valley, we are doing a little shopping and out for Thai dinner. She returns home on Sunday. Fun! We will pretend that you are here.

    Hugs, Dogwood

  3. This tomato looks delicous !
    Nice weekend,

  4. Cute post! It's all in the fun of watching them grow, right! And that in itself is worth the $25. Hubby has 2 plants on our back deck that I bought him.. They were tiny when I brought them home and he potted them. They are doing quite well with all this summer heat and he drenches them with water every morning.


  5. Oh Dogwood, I would love to be with you guys..we would laugh our way through the day..and I would love to play with of my secret desires Have fun

    Snappy too? I'm going to the local farm stand and buy a few beauties for lunch today....and thanks for stopping by my Open Bar Of Joy... was..the taste of summer all through it

  6. With all the rains, I think my tomatoes are about done for with soggy roots and little chance of survival. I think I should have planted all of mine upside down this year. LOL
    Have a Great Weekend My Friend

  7. $25!! hahahahahahahahaha! That is so funny, Sue. But YUM!

  8. oh, but it's so beautiful!


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