Friday, August 20, 2010

Obedient plants are blooming and the bees and the hummingbirds are so happy.
I have tried numerous times to catch a photo of that hummer...
Lately there have been several hummers flitting around and I have had many happy moments just watching them
I especially love it when one sits on a branch close by and preens...such a delight
Not much new to bloom in the garden....every flower is trying its best to keep on blooming, though...
lillies,roses,beebalm,blackeyed susans
but it won't be long when even they have to pack it up
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  1. love your garden...
    have a evening as beautiful as your flowers.

  2. This summer has been cruel to the flowers. Now, with some pre-fall rain, they will probably perk up. You take good care of your garden though, and that obedient plant is lovely!

  3. Great photo. I love it. Fall is sneaking in on us and I am loving these beautiful in-between days.


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