Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here's one of the strangest items I have tucked away in the garden
it's an old wooden child's crutch
I found it at a gargae sale many years ago
and thought it would be interesting for someone
to find in the garden
and it's very small
sort of makes you think of Tiny Tim
and that's not bad...
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  1. Very unusual but very attractive.

  2. Yes, that is what I think of.....Tiny Tim. And no, that's not bad...

  3. Suz my dear friend
    yes...that is very strange
    but looks ok with the greenery
    you make me laugh

  4. It's mystical...very mystical.
    Bee careful of the bee.
    Meditate with me.
    I have so much to blog reading to catch up on...


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