Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cooper's Hawk

click on picture to see him looking at me
The Cooper's Hawk
like a big bully
in my Open Bar of Joy
Bunny and squirrel
frozen like the kid's game
statues waiting for me
to intervene
and of course I did
But he didn't go easily
I had to chase him to 3 trees
before he gave me a look
of I'll be back
then spread his wings
and flew away
his wings spread
like so much dread
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  1. Wow, great picture. Those guys are incredible. I know that look. I used to get it from my kiddos when they were young! Hehe.

  2. haha! that's funny about "that look"! And wow - just look at him, Sue. Julie had one of those horned owls in her yard last week. Now a pair of Great Blue Herons.


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