Friday, August 13, 2010

I was so busy writing my Magpie tale..if you want to see what that is check out my other blog
that I hardly had time for any gardening this day. Besides,it's 92 degrees outside and
gardening isn't much fun in that heat. So I decided to post some pictures that I took yesterday in the late afternoon....capturing some of the late afternoon sun. I snuck a few other pictures in there too, so you can see a bit of my home.

Garden, my garden
my beloved friend
that thrives despite my misgivings
my failures at nurturing you
You listen to the Lord
and grow anyway
and for this I give thanks
for you are truly my Eden
where creation exits
where I feel I am made
 in the image of God
and He said it was good


  1. Magical pictures of your beautiful home.


    an award for you.

  3. Great pictures. We did get our cool wave. Thank you. lol


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