Thursday, August 5, 2010

I found this lovely lock and keys to hang in my garden this year. First of all I adore rusty or metal things in the garden. I love how they age and and are drawn into the garden and become part of it.
I liked it because I saw in it what the garden does for holds the key to me for many emotions that want expression.
.not to others but to me..only me. In the morning I take my daily meditative walk looking..looking for something to speak to thrill surprise me....something that holds me in a place where I need to be. The garden does this to me....unlocks.
Right now the garden is soggy and bent over from the recent thunderstorms. The mosquitoes are swarming. It isn't a pretty place now. But I still walk, looking.
This morning there was nice sunshine and joe- pye -weed was buzzing with dozens of bees and butterflies and wasps. Life after rain.
When I uprighted pots and things that had been blown over
..there were big earthworms curled trying to survive.
I saw the toad this morning and the two bunnies that live in the back 10 feet of the shade garden..which by the way is overrun with weedy plants such as enemy...but the bees like it...oh well.
The landscapers will come today and mow the lawn and it will look better or not..grass is a resting place for the eyes in my garden oasis from all the wildness that I must have.
But the grass I need too. It is all balance. Like life.
Too much wildness...chaos
too much order....stifling and no joy
too much rain...soggy
too much sunshine and heat....wilt and death
I learn much from my garden,my Open Bar of Joy
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  1. I love reading your words about your garden. It is such a beautiful love affair that you two have. I can tell you love being out in nature. Enjoy... Dogwood

  2. That was inspiring. I like to imagine what your garden looks like .... sounds so wonderful. Wish I could see it.

  3. Nature has become you. You, my dear, are an eloquent writer.

  4. I agree - you love it and it sure loves you. Your lock and keys are a wonderful fairy-tale addition!

  5. Beautiful, poignant post. Such good reminders for me. Love your lock and keys, and your way of looking and living. Thank you for being you.


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