Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There is hope in the garden
Though I am weighed down right now
with the news of a wonderful writer,friend,mentor's
Though I am weighed down by a friend's suffering chemo
and loneliness
Though I am filled with prayers for good news forthcoming
for a family member
though, though, though
all this worldly spirit weight of the being
There is the garden
hope and promise
rising through the wet mud
gray days
cold air
Despite all this harshness
m' lady garden
Continues the process
it is called to do
Lady Robin has finished her nest
despite horrible rain and wind
She kept picking grass and mud
arranging and rearranging the lining of her nest
swirling around and around making it just right
for her eggs
Now she is settled in
I assume she has eggs now
....Yesterday she sat on that nest
while it rained
and rained
...and it was cold
But she did what she was called to do

all over
the blood root rises


and the bluebells

the aconites

the trillium

and the sedum

I thought to save this for my artist friend, April
...she loves nature stuff
(for her studio)
I think I have waited too long

Even the common daffodils
are risen from the desolate looking earth

and the peonies
Nothing special happening in my garden
....the ordinary
but the ordinary
is my saving grace 


  1. Are you mourning Norbert Blei? I am very saddened by that news as well. Even though I have never read more than little snippets of his work. My dad loved him and I have the books on my shelves. Waiting to be read by me. Everytime someone that my dad liked dies I feel like another thread of connection with him is cut. I think maybe it's time to get one down off the shelf and reconnect!

    1. oh so sadly .....yes
      read his winter book

  2. You need some wool for your bird nests! Email me with your address and I'll stick some in the mail to you :-).

    1. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I would be honored....
      thank you

  3. Nice to have things to count on. Sorry for your loss. [hug]

  4. Suz,
    I'm sorry that you lost a friend to that monster cancer. I hear your pain for your friends suffering. My feelings were similar when I lost my dad to cancer. So many things don't make sense! My hope is that on the other side of eternity we will have all knowledge and remember back with understanding.
    I couldn't call what's happening in your garden ordinary.....common perhaps but extraordinary none the less. Oh Peonies! They are so wonderful.......
    I'm praying for peace for your heart.

  5. Oh Sue! I am so sorry to hear about Norbert Blei. I didn't know. I never met him, but hear you speak of him so much. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog and I love love love that "bit of nature" that you were saving for me! And love all your flowers coming up. You know, that color purple - I have seen it and always loved that special color flower - I thought it was an aster and it's an aconite? Have to google that. Take care with your thoughts...

  6. p.s. I think my dove had a "false pregnancy". :(

  7. so grateful for the sweet Springing come round
    to sprinkle hope into your ache.
    it will be a magical one of those of you
    who've waited so long in the gray,
    the coming greening of the year.
    hope it makes your heart sing:)

  8. I'm loving that last pic with the red shoots!:) It looks like your garden will be perk you up as it comes vibrant once again. That wasp nest is something else:) Nature's designs are the best.

  9. I love the beauty in the ordinary.

  10. It's been a month! So what's growing in that garden now?


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