Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do you know what this is?
...the beginnings of?

yep, there she is rearranging

rubbing her body around and around
forming a little muddy cup
..sigh..with Reagan's last year's Easter grass that she scatterd all over my yard
do you remember?
Golly look at what last April looked like last year!
...not a single leaf is out now

I guess I need to stop scolding myself for not doing a great job
of cleaning up last Fall
and I need to halt spring clean up
by the landscapers in this area
.....critters and birds first
 The weatherman says it is going to reach 70 today
I'll believe it when I feel it
But Mrs. Robin may stifle my gardening joys today
I don't want to scare her away...
what with a bird's eye view from my study window
...and if you know Me
You know that I LOVE robins

Handsome looked so pitiful yesterday
I locked Boo up in the basement and tried to catch Handsome
to bring him inside
Guess the guys not that weak
he ran
and cried
So I left him alone
He came back this find a new warm snugly tiger blanket
in his igloo and a warm bowl of chicken waiting

I know that everyday is an adventure
never to be offered again
so I will be outside today
I'll let you know what is showing through the earth spirit is hungry
for garden


  1. Love the ducks and oh my, love that Robin found Reagan's wisks to the wind. What a beautiful nest, Mrs. Robin! But is she building close to the ground? oh oh.

    1. I was thinking the same thing
      aka Handsome

  2. It is so much fun to watch a nest being built. : )

  3. sweet mama robin:)
    the easter grass makes hers a delux nest.
    gray skies are gonna clear up, friend.
    waiting to hear news of the big bloom,

  4. I understand the longing for sunshine and flowers. It's the way we are. You, even more so because of the long winter.
    Love the photos of the Robin and her nest. What a joy to watch them... and the babies to come.

  5. oh oh...and now the flooding?

  6. Hi Suz, We have a robin mum back checking out her old nesting spot in the honeysuckle bush ...I will keep you posted. Your April last year looks lush and lovely despite the Easter basket grass lol


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