Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long Winter

I awoke this morning and thanked God for another morning
though lately my days have been dull and busy

and I was also grateful for another morning with Handsome
He's not been looking too well lately
thin, dull fur, bent ears, runny nose, sneezing
But some days this is my happiness of joy
seeing him...one more day
The guy's used up all of his nine lives and then some
But God has given him another morning too
and so we rejoice together
two suffering souls...finding and giving comfort to each other
Yes, some days I have wild in me
belonging to no one, journeying through
and over rough paths
finding shelter where I can...in a spiritual way
...sort of on the run
mostly from myself and the disquiet within

I fed him a bowl of warm chicken
he meowed his gravel truck meow
and I made a bowl of oatmeal

We watched each other
through the glass door
our stomach hungers fed
ready to venture into a new day
He to rest awhile posing as a kept kitty
me to get to work
posing like I knew the answers



  1. Another day and another day and another,
    each one of them filled to overflowing with pleasure in each other.

    I know well the warmth a small, furry body’s affection bestows on us.

  2. Enjoy the peace of your days. Crazy finds one enough!

  3. Oh Suz, this is so beautiful and honest.
    Please take care and look for the joy of an emerging flower in your garden and hold that fur person in your arms. Share your love with each other even if it's only for a short time.

  4. Suz,
    What a beautiful look on life. Sorry to hear handsome is not feeling well. Take comfort in the joy of how much he must appreciate your kindness.
    Take care.

    1. I do....and I just love that old scraagly cat

  5. He loves you, Sue. He found you and what would he do without you. xox


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