Friday, June 7, 2013

bar's open

So you say...
where is the wench?
Well, it has not been a good season for the gardener
to be in the garden
too cold
too wet
too muddy


But my oh my...
the garden doesn't really need me
to begin


I have also been very busy
selling our home in Galena
it sold in one day!
and we had to be out in 16 days
..only one day in May to book the mover
so I have been packing and schlepping
to our new home in Galena
The new house has a beautiful garden
....that needs expansion...hee hee


So now that all things have calmed down for awhile
I have been weeding frantically
even kneeling mud
to give my beauties less competition
from thistle and bind weed and dandy lions
what a job
for an old broad...can I say that word?
of course I can....
With all the rain everything is so lush
...looks like I am quite the green thumb
....the garden wench did nothing except leave it be
God did the rest
faithfully calling the seeds to germinate
the lilies to send up shoots
the trees to leaf out
everything just continued
while I was gone....



Of course it was a joy to drag out my old garden relics
to adorn the garden space
what would the garden be without
colored glass
wind chimes
rusty things
and little wooden chairs?


I was shocked to see the clematis growing
into the service berries
oh my

sorry the picture is sideways...
it's been a while since I have posted


But the dearest thing that is happening because of all this overgrowth of everything
all at once
it is lush and glorious
for birds to build nests
and little bunnies and squirrels
to scamper around in
..oh the true joy of the garden

...the critters

My yard, my garden is bird central this spring
truly an audio delight

the air conditioning man just came after servicing our unit
and he declared....those were his words.....:)
that he has seen many gardens in our area....but mine
hands down was the best
a true paradise.....
...oh my slutty muddy heart went wild wonderful to have touched someone
with my garden
Oh....he added
I think I saw a skunk out in the back by the fence
...oh....I said
I know....I smelled him too

.....oh well

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  1. Your garden looks lovely from my vantage point over here and I right like your relics too!

  2. Everything is looking so green and wonderful! Have fun!

  3. Yes indeed you are giving the Garden of Eden a run for it's money! How beautiful! Sometimes I think we just mostly love the land and God does the rest.
    Love your ornaments.....have to have 'em.
    Is this the home your selling?
    We had a raccoon on the front porch one night a week or so ago and our little tabby, Idgie, went wild. She was running from the front window to the door growling and scratching. She thinks way too highly of herself! Have skunks from time to time......they do leave their calling card!

  4. The garden looks so lush and green.
    We just sold our townhouse in two days. Moving to western MD and I will once again have a garden. I missed having a yard living in the townhouse. Closed on the new house a couple of days ago.
    Nice to see you back posting. : )

  5. Your garden is really lovely, it's always exciting to see what's growing and enjoying how green everything is!!

  6. Oh, it was busy while you were all your pretty goodies hidden in your garden. Love that bird! Beautiful, Sue. Yes, lush and relaxing.

  7. Everything in your garden is looking happy and growing like crazy.
    Just a sweet spot to sit and relax ALL DAY!
    Glad you are back. What a fast house sale you had, it must have been hectic to move out in 16 days. I can't imagine doing that in such a short time frame.

  8. It is a wonderful, wild garden indeed. No wonder the birds are happy. Sometimes we straighten things up too much and the critters would rather it all be natural. Love those pale pink peonies. So beautiful. At least I think they're Peonies. The little painted chairs are perfect.
    That man was right to tell you how lovely the garden was.
    Relax and let it be a bit imperfect.
    Did you sell this home or another one. I'm a bit confused... but what else is new.

  9. You still here Suz. ~ Lost in fhis lovely garden somewhere ...enjoying the beginining of Summer.

  10. Oh, Suz - your garden is MAGICAL!!! I love it! It looks like you get a lot of shade - how do you get grass to grow? We've given up and are going to be putting in some shade loving ground cover to hide the bare earth.

    We get skunks, too, although mostly at night (sometimes right at dusk) and they are such sweet, timid animals. People are so afraid to be sprayed by skunks, but that is truly their last resort if cornered or threatened. They'd much rather scamper off!

    Thanks for visiting our Sammy's and Chips!!! We loved having you!


  11. grass? who wants that? hee hee
    truthfully....I live with shady grass areas...with bare spots...that's what stepping stones are for...and ground cover

  12. Love your gardening! The two old chairs looks like an old man and woman should be sitting there admiring their flowers.

    1. ha, gardening I wouldn't call it..this year anyway
      I have been so busy at our weekend home
      that the garden has been become a speakeasy
      thanks for the visit
      Ill get posting again soon
      just to show you what a garden speakeasy looks like yikes

    2. Beautiful stuff here Suz! You really have an eye...and a heart


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