Friday, April 12, 2013

Every year this pair walks through my yard
quaaaacking a low quack
she scurrying around
he a watchful eye on everything
One year they actually nested in my blue bells
layed an egg
then abandoned it
and some mr racoon
I think took off with the little egg
I rejoice quietly
when I hear their quacks
somehow it comforts me
this cycle of life
going on in my own backyard garden

It has been a sucky winter and so far
a sucky spring
cold wet windy
but oh my looky here....daffodillies
thank you thank you
trumpets of spring

ha! who knew Mr. Cardinal would go to the Handsome's carryout
diner for his lady's meal
Maybe just maybe
Spring is just about to come over the hill
! joy !


  1. Congrats!!!! Lovely finds and exciting! I think if I ever saw a mallard come through my area, I might faint:) But stranger things have been known to happen! Have a good weekend!!

  2. Nice finds in your garden. : )
    I posted a picture of a couple of mallard ducks on my blog today too!

  3. I'm happy spring has actually arrived in your yard. Mine is still so deep with snow and it's snowing to beat the band as I write...grrr...really, go away winter. You've given me the blues.

  4. Love your Mallards! What a privilege to share your yard with them. I've lived with wooded area around me most of my life and have never lost the awe of seeing wild critters.
    It seems, from posts I've read, the whole USA is yearning for Spring!

  5. Those Mallards are gorgeous and how lucky you are to have them some share your piece of heaven with you. :) Our Daffodils have finished blooming and overnight the little green leaves have popped out every where one turns. :) It truly has been a long cold Winter---Spring truly is coming, Suz.

  6. The ducks are a nice surprise. Come on spring. Get here already.

  7. Hi Siz,
    You can follow my blog if you scroll down just past "Popular Posts" on the left side of my page.
    I really like how you express yourself in prose. It reminds me that in Victorian times it was very popular to write letters that way. It really works your brain and brings out your creativity. A lost art.......

  8. ha mean disjointed and rambling!
    that's me!

  9. Nice to be comforted in your on back yard Suz. I agree Winter has taken far too long this year handing the reins over the Spring time . The Cardinal is stocking up with Mr Handsomes food readying his strenght to help the Mrs nest building I hope. Can't be long now before Spring firmly takes over in all its splendor.

  10. We have tried to attract wild ducks for two years now and nothing! We have even built duck boxes and habitats for them. You are lucky.


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