Thursday, August 2, 2012

We've had few days of relief
but it's too late for the garden
Although many things still bloom and there is much to be grateful for the trees haven't died

The Horse Chestnut always loses leaves in the heat of summer
but this year it is really stressed
and no amount of water seems to stop its self protection action

Reagan's sunflower is going to seed
soon the goldfinches will descend upon it
hope they get to it before the squirrels do

What is disappointing about the Joe Pye Weed is that there
doesn't seem to be the bug attraction to it this year
or with the butterweed.....what gives.......insect stress?

The cedar waxwings have been here
A few have hit the window enjoying the elderberries
they survived
But I wonder what will be left for the robins to eat
before they head south?
Maybe they'll leave early

Oh the waning garden

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  1. There are some things here too, that it's just too little to late for--Our Joe Pye weed is just starting to bloom, and seems to be 'okay' and I'm glad about, I always love to see the butterflies on it.

    I hope you're doing well, and enjoy your day!!

  2. But still your garden does look good and I'm sure your animals friends will find something good to eat there. : )

  3. Your garden reacted as mine did last year during that freeze....HORRIBLE!! I've never seen a Chestnut with burn on the leaves. But it's okay.....the tree has been established so it should be fine. Our oaks were just leafing out when the freeze hit. They looked terrible for the entire year looking all wilted and shriveled:(

    I do laugh at those Cedar Waxwings. They tend to find the berries first before the Robins. And they so remind me of Wisconsites and beer. I'll never forget this past winter when I found dozens of them flying around drunk between the palm trees.....and the Robins weren't too far behind:)

  4. Suz, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your garden is beautiful, even with the heat stress. I hope it cools off for you soon!

  5. Your garden does still look pretty, Sue. And yes, haven't seen butterflies hardly at all this year. ???

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your comments. I was sorry to read of your friends passing. It must be a difficult time indeed. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your garden. I'll be back.

    1. why thanks for the visit...I liked your blog too
      and I love witches and crows....who doesn't??

  7. You have some beautiful pictures, even in your waning garden. I know about the heartbreak of drought -- though we've avoided it this year.

  8. still so beautiful, these photos.
    love to you in the waning,

  9. it is interesting to watch the interactions of insects and birds in the plants in our gardens and i wonder when things seem to be too quiet too. so much to learn even in a small garden.

  10. Jeg kom tilfældigt forbi din blog.
    Gode billeder.
    Smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en dejlig dag.

  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog - and glad you enjoyed your visit. My garden didn't do well this year and lots of things died in late frosts, then were baked, then drowned. There is always next year. I shall just have to carry on and try again.

    (I'd have made elderberry jam with yours.)


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