Thursday, August 23, 2012

Don't you just love late bloomers?
Out of nowhere this plant opened up
like it was young
I did that once too
at age 50....I bloomed
reached for the light of artistic expression
sometimes I was the only flower around
while others went to seed
Good thing I went for it
Now I bloom all year
through storm and strife

So I applaud you little coneflower
...but there must be others
....I must search the garden today
for the believers


  1. I had the joyful discovery yesterday that the coneflowers are one of my favorites---coneflowers and zinnias. :) Your photo draws me into your garden on a 'late bloomer' hunt... :)

  2. Oh, this is the time of our lives, Sue. Bloom! I know you do.....

  3. I am a late bloomer, and look around at some and wonder why they seem so old.....

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  4. Now that's a real treat.....and pretty pic:) I find that late bloomers are an ecclectic group of individuals who stand out among the crowd:) And aren't they usually the most interesting?

  5. oh, this is pure joy:)
    i loved the coneflowers this year, too.
    Especially some new "tomato soup" ones I planted
    and am loving watching their deep warm reds
    light up the garden.
    Joy to you and your blooming,

  6. I love your post. My coneflowers didn't appear this year. I've a feeling they've been over run by other plants.

  7. Such a good comparison. Love those surprise bloomers!

  8. My late bloomer was a rose that was supposed to be way past prime.
    We are fortunate for these gifts., eye candy, as some say.
    Have a lovely day in your mystery garden.

  9. My garden is full of late bloomers, including echinacea. They really are so very stately, not at all like the flimsy summer wonders who fall over at the least little puff of wind.

    1. yes, that be us Friko...stately
      not flimsy summer wonders..hee hee


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