Monday, August 13, 2012


I confess that this rainy day in the garden was wonderful
walking in the wildness of this neglected garden
but the garden does't need me
to continue
It goes about its business growing and dying
The goldfinches have had their way with Reagan's sunflower
and I am happy

The morning glories have run wild wrapping themselves around
anything within reach
like this bonset...that I wish would go away
but it likes it here

wild wonderful chaos
so freeing for this gardener.....oh I shouldn't call myself a gardener
I don't deserve it
I'm a garden wench
loving the garden
as it grows

rain on every so quiet in the garden

will you looks at that nest
I have been watching it from the inside
saw them panicking during last week's storm
that pounded the window

and my my my
that woodbine and grapevine
have taken over in my absence
a never ending struggle each year
but oh well

I am amazed at what still blooms after all that heat

maybe it's the Buddha
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  1. I have likened my 'gardens' to the Amazon Jungle. :) The Virginia Creeper (Woodbine) is trying to reclaim my house AND my yard shed, much to husband's dismay and dislike. I am one that, if she had her way, she would honor just about everything that wants to grow and leave it to grow. Alas, I share my world with this huMAN who's perceptions on beauty differ from this woMAN... :) I have a very serious love affair going on with your garden, my dear wench. :D

    1. ha ha I have such a we compromised...front garden..neat
      back domain....
      and he likes the wench part ;)

  2. Beautiful photos - beautiful garden/s. I don't think I would ever want to leave and rejoin the cold, hard world again

    1. John, you have it is hard to leave the garden once you are surrounded by it
      and I love helps me to go inward
      to meditate, to dream, to let go of much that troubles me.....I find him who dwells in silence there
      thank you for your kind words and the visit

  3. Stunning photos. I love the hornets nest.
    You are truly "a garden wench", but I think there is a precise skill involved in such a beautiful garden. Give yourself credit, my friend. Gardens may grow "wild" but they need help to look this beautiful.
    Please send some of that rain to us. We need it.

    1. That hornet's nest is growing and growing...busy little critters...and I respect them and their territory
      thank you for saying that kind thing about giving myself credit....I appreciate my tending, not sure other gadeners do
      I saw that you have 110 degrees...yikes even we didn't get that high....I hate the heat the older I get...and Farmlady...I'm getting up there....

  4. Suz, my friend, I am loving your garden. Everything still lives lushly,(is that a word?). Even as summer wanes, fall is begging to show off. Loved the tour.

    1. Hi Dar...thanks....the hawk came by this afternoon!

  5. It been a great day in the garden. : )

  6. I'd say your garden is perfection right now:) I love how green and shady it is. That wasps nest is beautiful. You've done nice work....and the plants clinging to your home are excellent. I'd love to have that over here:)

  7. Oh, I think you can call yourself a gardener. I love your garden. Especially the wild parts. I have much the same here. Lots of wild spots for the different insects and small creatures that live here.


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