Thursday, March 11, 2010

The tulip fence

This a rescued section of wrought iron from a very old Swedish Lutheran church in the City that was being converted into heart is still broken over this.
I was supposed to get the entire little fence,as promised to my son in law by the contractor, but in the night....thieves came and stole my fence....leaving only this section which they couldn't get out. It got damaged in the taking,but it has a home with my Lutheran garden.........
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  1. I love your tulip sad that, even in a sacred churchyard, thieves crawl. I'm happy you were able to bring at least one piece home to be treasured. So, what will you plant by it?

  2. Sorry that you did not get the whole fence. But, at least you got one section. That is such a sweet trellis. Can't wait to see what will be growing on it...tulips???

    Next time you will know to go out in the middle of the night to...well, beat the thieves.

  3. Cory!

    (I'll need a driver...know one?)

  4. oh, I'm so sorry someone stole your promised fence, but I love this little section, it's adorable and precious, like you!

  5. To some, a fence.
    To me, nine crosses to pray upon.

    I'll drive.

  6. I'll keep the motor running! What a sweet little fence!


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