Sunday, March 28, 2010

A walk in our Galena woods

In a silent walk through the woods
I stopped to take a break,sit a while
and just reflect on the stirring of the woodland floor
a spider dashed in front of me through the fallen leaves,
now dried versions of autumn's glory
But at my feet almost unnoticed
a pair of dull red feathers, from a cardinal
I almost bent to pick them up
But no, I left them... to return
to their creator like the rest
and walked on


  1. sometimes it's nice to just notice and let things be. I did that with a fallen bird's nest that I at first wanted to take home.

  2. I can only imagine the cute critters living under all those gnarly tree roots!
    Beautiful photos, Galena is beautiful country. I live just east of there in the tri cities, and love to vacation in Galena. We rent a home there on occasion. Gorgeous area. You are blessed to be able to live out that way.

  3. We once had foxes there, Maggie
    This morning we caught a racoon sleeping on a tree limb about 6am.....
    and of course..the feral kitties...bless their little lonesome hearts...they live in the woods too


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